Desde una perspectiva en que mezcla magia y fantasía, el fotógrafo profesional Chris Fallows captó el impresionante salto hasta de casi cinco metros del temible tiburón blanco mediante imágenes que enseguida posteó en su cuenta de Instagram.

LEA TAMBIÉN: Así se ve, en todo su esplendor, el tiburón blanco: video

El inusual acontecimiento se registró cerca de las costas de Seal Island, en Sudáfrica, donde Fallows participó en la iniciativa Air Jaws (Mandíbulas aéreas) -lanzada por el canal Discovery- y en la que reconocidos expertos en tiburones se dieron a la tarea de buscar la mejor fotografía con el apoyo de señuelos, drones y cámaras submarinas.


As seen on Shark Week 2020 This is possibly the most beautiful image I have ever taken of a breaching Great white shark, photographed during Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off, “The Pearl”. “Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.” — Chinese proverb. The sound of the wolves coming shouldn’t frighten you into hiding, after all two of the three pigs didn’t do so well. Rather when you hear them coming you need to run faster, feel the wind in your face and climb even higher. Embrace the fact that they still find you worth chasing. Such is how I approach taking images of breaching Great white sharks. Since I first pulled a decoy way back in 1996 and was able to get what at the time were the world’s first images of great whites leaping out of the water, I have needed to conceptualize new ways to stay ahead of the pack. To this end I have designed boats to allow me to shoot low angles, I have been towed behind our boat on a sled to get closer and I have constantly and diligently applied intense focus to using whatever palate nature gives me each day by way of clouds, waves and vistas to create a canvas that is worthy of having such a compelling subject jump into it. I think above all I have learnt what the sharks are comfortable with, and where their thresholds lie in terms of what I respectfully can and can’t do. “The Pearl” is an image that symbolizes a career of pushing boundaries, trying new things and never being afraid of taking high risks. It also is a reflection of a life working with predators, getting to know them, understanding what their comfort levels are, and what the thresholds are within those comfort levels. I truly feel that with this image I am taking my audience into the ocean with the shark at eye level, and showcasing the athleticism of the incredible Great White Shark in all its predatory glory. This Limited editions Fine Art Print is available from my website: Link in Bio #sharkweek #sharkweek2020 #airjaws #summer2020 #greatwhiteshark #shark #sharks #underwaterphotography #uwphotography #underwaterIG #wildlifeplanet #underwater #discoverocean #oceans #marinelife #ourplanetdaily #oceanlover #ilovesharks

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Particularmente Fallows, cuya cuenta de Instagram tiene a más de 2 mil seguidores, captó al depredador (Carcharodon carcharias) en el justo momento cuando realizaba una maniobra donde alcanzó una altura máxima de 4.5 metros para estableceroun récord dentro del concurso.

LEA TAMBIÉNDueño de yate monta tiburón ballena y Conanp va tras él

Air Jaws fue presentada en el marco de la Semana del tiburón, un evento anual de Discovery que reúne programas especiales, series y documentales que tienen a este animal como principal protagonista y que se presenta del 9 al 16 de agosto.

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